Creating backlinks is time consuming. To start with its hard enough finding high pagerank websites, never mind working out how to get a link back to your website. On top of that, you want your keyword as the anchor text?!

Ready to make your SEO & Backlinking life simple? We have an automated system that takes all of this work out of your hands and into those of our professional team. These guys are old hands at scouring the internet and finding the best websites with the highest PageRank. They are able to not only make a backlink but one with your keyword as the anchor text.

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SEM vs SEO... If any one tells you SEM is the way to go, slap them! I've been spending bucket loads on Adwords for years as I wasn't listed in google. After two months of building backlinks I'm at the top of the front page. SEO and Backlinks are the way to go for cost effective advertisement.
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