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We've got a brand new system. And you won't believe how easy it is to you. Hunting down high PageRank backlinks is such a time consuming task. Now all you need to do is register below. Then you setup a profile with your website and the keyword that you want as the anchor text. Next select how many Backlinks you want. And HEY PRESTO you can forget about it and get on with building your business. Our professionals will take care of the rest.

Link Verification

Another great feature in your member profile is the link verification. Its a list of every backlink that we have created for you. It enables you to quickly visit the website and see the great high PR links that we are providing.

Index Notification

Even better news, you can see the list of links but you can also see if they have been indexed by the search engines. We monitor all of the backlinks that we have created and check that they have been picked up by the top tier search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and of course Google.


We offer a subscription service. This allows you to select the number of backlinks that you want each month, set it and forget it. Month after month we will continue to create quality links for you and you can see your website rising through the rankings.


If subscription isn't your thing. We provide notification for when your order is complete so that you can order more Links. We can even send you a reminder at the start of each month to place another order.

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